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Drafting by IDS was founded in 1996 and is specializing in computer drafting and project management of small and large homes. Located in South Florida, it has dealt locally with home owners and contractors for their projects, but lately the Internet became a major part of the business.

Today plans of houses, kitchens, bathrooms etc. are realized with the latest versions of Auto Cad and Revit and sent all over the world.

Drawings for a simple do-it-yourself renovation of your home or project management services for a bigger task, are available from this website.

IDS provides House plans, Kitchen plans, Bathroom plans, Libraries plans, Wet Bar plans and others in a timely manner and with very affordable prices. Also, templates of standard paper size are available for purchase.

IDS strives for perfection therefor set up a working relationship with the client which at the end reflects the realization of an exceptionally accurate and precise design. Please contact us for any assistance.